I find it difficult to wade through many of the abstracts, since they don’t apply to my practice (solo, office-based, outpatient plastic surgery center). I would appreciate it if you could find a way to combine relevant topics each month, as you did in Sept 2009 with the PONV topic. That way we could choose to skip the topics that are not relevant to our practice/interests, and concentrate on the topics that are important to us. When you combine so many different topics in one series, I find it difficult to slog through or skip specific articles and pass the CEU test.

Maybe one month could be “outpatient surgery”; next could be “trauma management”; next could be “PONV issues”; next could be “OB”….. you get the idea. That way I could choose to skip the OB abstracts since I have no interest in this topic. We’re not all generalists. Many of our practices are specific.