In the 2010 edition of Anesthesia Abstract, volume 4 number 10, Steve Wooden evaluates an article from “Pain Physician” on the effectiveness of lumbar interlaminar epidural injections. In the article the authors used a combination of lidocaine and betamethasone for ESIs treating back pain. The authors asked question, “would local anesthetic be as effective as local anesthetic& steroid?”. Their conclusion was that interlaminar ESI with local only is as effective as LA/steroid. Mr. wooden goes on to state he is using more saline and less LA/steroid for his I-ESIs and then asks what other are doing?

It is my understanding most CRNAs pain management are using bupivacaine and a depo-steroid. I am curious and would like to know how many are using lidocaine? I would also like to know how many responses Mr. Wooden has received?
Thank you,

Thom Bloomquist