Why does this website look funny in my browser?

If you’re having trouble viewing this site, you could be using an unsupported browser. Anesthesia Abstracts officially supports Internet Explorer 8 and above, Safari 4 and above, Firefox 4 and above, and Opera 10 and above. If you’re not using one of these browsers, please consider upgrading. It’s free, and will enhance not just this site, but all the sites that you visit.

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If you’re unable to upgrade–or just don’t want to–the PDF version of Anesthesia Abstracts will always be available for download.

By what means does AnesthesiaAbstracts.com generally authenticate its users?

Regular and Charter subscribers are authenticated by the email address and password that they specified when they subscribed. Academic Library subscribers are authenticated by IP address.

How do I logout of AnesthesiaAbstracts.com

AnesthesiaAbstracts.com will automatically log you out after a prolonged period of inactivity, so it is not necessary to logout of our service. You can, however, logout of AnesthesiaAbstracts.com by clicking on the ‘Logout’ link in the bottom left-hand corner of AnesthesiaAbstracts.com or by closing your Internet browser window.

What do I do when I attempt to open an Adobe PDF and all I see is a blank white screen?

This is a known problem with older versions of Adobe Acrobat and the plug-in that it utilizes to display PDF’s in your web browser. Please download and install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat