Lifelong Learning, LLC collects information about Anesthesia Abstracts subscribers to support their subscription, to gather statistical information about web site use, and to help decide how to provide improved service to our subscribers. Neither Lifelong Learning, LLC nor Anesthesia Abstracts keeps a record of your credit card numbers. Credit card numbers are only used to process a single transaction. Since we don’t keep a record of them, they can’t be stolen from us. We do not make the information we collect about subscribers available to others except in the normal course of business necessary to deliver the services you have subscribed to. Specifically we do not sell your information to advertisers or spammers. We do make information we collect about subscribers available when the law requires it, when legally necessary in defense of our company, or when, in our best judgment, doing so will aid law enforcement officials in investigating or preventing illegal activities.

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This privacy policy will be periodically updated without notice but is always viewable by clicking on the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the page. The privacy policy is followed by a revision date so you can easily identify when it has changed.

Revised 2/13/07